Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in the United States Of America!!!

Well I have made it back to the US, a little later than planned but stoked to be back here. I was lucky and the White Salmon is still at a sweet summer flow. In the first 7 days of my stay i had already logged 8 green truss laps.I am now Currently kicking it at the North Fork of the Payette. Managed to get a little lucky and catch a ride here With Rush Sturges and Kyle Hull.So stoked to make it back to the Payette.As much as this river scares the shit out of me I love it,Big continuous class 5 road side,warm water.It feels really good to be back running some pushy big water.

Chilling at the airport waiting for my flight to Portland what I missed

Stoked on my new Dagger Nomad

Kyle Hull running Big Brother on the Truss (White Salmon)

Lining big bro up

running BZ Falls

Running rock drop (jacob's ladder north fork payette)

So stoked to come back to the North Fork of the Payette. Here is a screen shot making my way down Jacob's ladder. Pretty intimidating section.This is the biggest water I have paddle since I injured my self in Mexico, feels so good! YEOWWWWW

Well going to be heading up to BC Canada in the next few weeks.Will try keep the updates coming

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