Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yule Creek high water!!!

Well we arrived in Colorado yesterday after a big drive from the creeks in Cali.
We decided to start off big in Colorado and headed to Yule Creek. The water levels were on the high side, but she was still good to go. This would have to be the scarest thing I have paddle before, I was shit scared!!! , but decided to sack up and give her. You go so fast down the slides its super rowdy but heaps of fun. Pic by bradley Lauder shot bro

The middle big slide , you pick up a bit of speed on this one

This is the last big one, and the gnarlest. So rowdy and fast!!!

Sam sticking it

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cali creeking

Well I havent put an update on the blog for a few days nows,thought I would just post a quick one and put some pics up. We are having a sick time here

Camping out on a power box

me on the cleanest 50 footer ever,on the south branch of the feather, this run is so amazing will try put some more pics up of the run asap
Bradley on the white salmon this run is another amazing river, will put some more pics up soon, stay posted. PEACE

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Money Drop (Rock Creek) Birthday Day boating

Well it is my bday today so I was super keen to run something. We spent most of the day scouting and looking for big waterfalls - lots that werent runable due to low water.Finally we found a good one that was good to go,(Money Drop). Bradley and I geared up and made our way to the stout. I would have to say I was a bit nervous, this is the one that Todd Wells broke his back on 5 weeks ago, but hey we didnt come here to be pussys.Thanks to Sam for all the pics. His eye is still a bit sore, but he will hopefully boating 2moro

Bradley walking in

gearing up

Me and bradley having a scout.

I decided to firer it up first, I had a pretty sweet line landed a little bit flat, but was sweet.I snapped my paddle and cracked my seat in half, but was all good. I was still super stoked on it!!!!

Bradley tucked up, he had a sick line and pluged the drop super nice.

Well what a sick bday super stoked on it!!!!!
Stay posted for more updates PEACE

Little White salmon

The Little White is such an amazing run, everything is super clean with amazing boofs SO SICK. One of the best kayaking runs I have done, stoked to get on it and run the goods. Enjoy the pics. (photos by my main man bradley Lauder)

Totally stoked on it

Me on spirit falls the big one, I had a sick line and stomped it good, but managed to snap my paddle on the cockpit of my boat, all good though happy days.

Rocking the Metal Mulisha , stoked on life!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

US mission starts well

Well we all made it here sweet and sound. We arived in San Fran and spent 2 days hanging out..We also got a sweet van that kicks ass. After 2days in San Fran we all headed to Mt Hood, to get our huck on. Its a super sweet place here, everyone is is super chilled. We then meet up with Ian Garcia and Tyler Bradt and decided to start our kayaking off with a bang. We headed to Metlako Falls to go big, this would probably be the best days kayaking in my life SO SICK. Here are a few pics of the stouts,enjoy

Me on punch bowl this drop is about 600meters above MetlakoFalls, a sweet little drop to warm up on

Me on the big Melako Fall, I was super stoked to have a sweet line, u definitely take a good hit at the bottom of this one.

Bradley and I had some sweet lines, but Sam was a bit unlucky, we think he punched himself in the head on impact and his eye is a bit swollen. He had a killer head ache for a few hours but we feel he will be sweet to keep his huck on. Ian had a pretty sweet line but his deck popped and he took a swim, all good happy days. This was so so sick, a mean way to start our mission off. Stay updated for new posts, PEACE. Also thanks to Ian for his words of wisdom at the top of the stout. We were all shitting ourselves.