Thursday, August 22, 2013

British Columba Love!!!

Currently I have been touring around British Columba, Canada. Its been 13 days now and I sure have travelled some miles! We left the small town of Bingen, Washingon State and headed far far North. After almost 30+ hours of non stop driving we made it to the put in of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. It was a crazy feeling being back there and knowing I was in for the most epic 3 day paddling mission ever!

The classic put in shot. I was stoked to put on this amazing river with such a sick solid crew.

Louis Geltman running 3 Goats

Jared and Evan running a rather large rapid above pass fail. The scary thing about this is that if you miss the eddy on river right you will be running pass fail blind

Following Jared way to close on pass fail. I managed to pass but at the same time I pushed Jared into the fail zone, sorry bro. He did style the fail line though!!

Kyle and Louis cleaning the pass fail move

Making the pass and some where in there is jared. (Image Louis Geltman)

Jared running wasons!!
None of us want to have a bar of the left side of wasons hole so we all chose the easy option by running the hard right side what was still in play!!! 

Try spot the goat (site Zed camp day 1)

Looking down into site zed (day 1 camp)

Kyle running AFP. This one was dam scary! It was pretty hard to miss the two big holes on river left and right. Stoked we all made it through this one without any beat downs!

Jared and Johnson making it out the bottom of AFP

One of the most Glorious Sections of the run, Wall 1. Such an amazing horizon line

Yours truley running 'Garden of the Gods 1'. One of the many very stout section on the run. 
(Image Louis Geltman)

Getting a nice tail stall frew the Garden of the gods

Day 2 camp (wolf Track) The weather was on our side this trip and we had 25+ degress everyday! It was so hot that we all went for a dip at Wolf tracks

This is what you get for breakfast on day 3 (Garden of the Gods 2) Jared and Kyle make there way down the most continuas section of the Stikine

EG running wall 2. Evan got really beat down in this one and it sure was dam scary to watch. He made it out in his boat all okay. I was pretty fired up to run this one as I walked it last year. But after seeing EG get really beat down we all decided to take the easy Portage.

Jared sending 'scissors'. This one is really big but good to go!!!!

Myself and Evan sending the last big 'V drive'. The stoke is sooooooooo high once you get to the bottom of this one!

Jared and Lewis getting there V drive on

Well It was a pretty surreal feeling getting back in there and completing another successful decent of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. Nothing could have gone any better for us hot warm weather, epic crew, epic level HIGH STOKE!!!!

After our epic Stikine trip we made our way back to Whistler Squamash area where we were greated with heavy rain what jumped the levels up. We were lucky enough to get a really high water lap on Fear Canyon section of the Elaho, there was 300+ cumecs flowing down that thing. The next day we enjoy 3 laps down the Callaghan at a good water level the stoke way high for sure

Screen grab looking down into the main section of Fear Canyon (Elaho) ,so huge!

Kyle Hull steeping his game up and running the pinch at 300+ cumec with style!!!

gopro sreen grab below the 20ft Callaghan

Running the 20ft on the callaghan. Such a nice drop

A shot I snapped yesterday of Aniol getting his lean on (Cheakamus)

I am now currently chiling around whistler Squamash area thinking of headinbg back north for some more stikine action

Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in the United States Of America!!!

Well I have made it back to the US, a little later than planned but stoked to be back here. I was lucky and the White Salmon is still at a sweet summer flow. In the first 7 days of my stay i had already logged 8 green truss laps.I am now Currently kicking it at the North Fork of the Payette. Managed to get a little lucky and catch a ride here With Rush Sturges and Kyle Hull.So stoked to make it back to the Payette.As much as this river scares the shit out of me I love it,Big continuous class 5 road side,warm water.It feels really good to be back running some pushy big water.

Chilling at the airport waiting for my flight to Portland what I missed

Stoked on my new Dagger Nomad

Kyle Hull running Big Brother on the Truss (White Salmon)

Lining big bro up

running BZ Falls

Running rock drop (jacob's ladder north fork payette)

So stoked to come back to the North Fork of the Payette. Here is a screen shot making my way down Jacob's ladder. Pretty intimidating section.This is the biggest water I have paddle since I injured my self in Mexico, feels so good! YEOWWWWW

Well going to be heading up to BC Canada in the next few weeks.Will try keep the updates coming