Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting back in the Groove

Well after almost 12 months of rib and shoulder problems I am finally getting better and feeling stronger in my boat. Injuries can really bring you down a level and for me this injury was a real challenge. It was a weird one as it didn't stop me from totally paddling all together. There was no real pain when paddling just a real lack of strength on my left side, I could barely pull on my left blade. It took at least 3 to 4 months for the Doctors and physio specialists to find out what was wrong with me as nothing was coming up in the scans (ultra sound, x ray, bone scan). In the end they put it down to a stress fractor in my ribs (hair line fractor along one of my ribs) Scaplar winging and nerve damage.

I am really stoked to be back on the water! I will be finishing up work at the end of next week and be back on the charge paddling everyday before I leave New Zealand. I am soo fired up to head back to the United States and get back on the charge with the boys, its sure been awhile.

Here is an edit from my local run here, the Kaituna River. The Kaituna river is one of the best runs in the North Island of New Zealand in terms of access, beauty and class 4 continuous whitewater. It takes around 4hours to paddle all the way down the lower gorges and the walls are tight and high making you feel enclosed within the gorges. Enjoy. Thanks Sean Curtis for helping me put this edit together!!

Here is also a few pics from our little kaimai mission last week. Stoked to get back in the kaimai's and hit some of the goods. Was on the low side but still had heeps of fun aahhhhhhhh so stoked to be back paddling!!!!

                                                       Dropping the ibis on the Mangas

                                                             Screen grab, dropping into the ibis

                                                       Making a boof over a nice size hole

                                          Nice sized hole at the bottom of mothers night mare.

                                                                          This one wanted me

                                                                   The Roller coaster

                                                     Greg getting soooo pitted bro!!!!