Monday, January 17, 2011

Huka Falls High Water

Well last Thursday, Mike, Sean and I, along with a few slalom dudes decided to head to Taupo to check out the Aratiatia Rapids at an extremely high flow. There was a line, but it was just so big and stout - we decided it should be saved for another day.

Me giving her

Sean about to take the beat down of his life

After scouting the Aratiatia Rapids, we all decided to head to Huka Falls. It was very high and stout looking. I think the flow was around 190 to 200 cumec. It had been awhile since I have sacked up and ran something big, so Sean and I decided to pick up our ballz and run this shit. It was very pushy in there and big, I managed to clean the whole lot and came off the drop with an almost perfect line, I was so stoked. Sean was close behind, he ened up having a bit of a shit line off the drop and got beat down to gnarl. It was hard to watch. He swam out of his boat and went so deep that he blacked out, and came up head down in the water. Scary shit, I pulled him to the side of the river, he was okay in the end and just stoked to still be alive.
Thanks to Mike Dawson for taking the pics and the other slalom bros for some sweet footage, chur boys!