Friday, July 20, 2012

Life in White Salmon Washington

Well I have been kicking in White Salmon for 2 weeks and I am totally loving this place so beautiful pretty sweet looking out to the mountains each day-Mt Hood Mt Adams. Epic boating at your door step.Yep life is pretty dam hard here ha.Well here is a bunch of pic I snapped from my time here enjoy!

The BDP house.This is were I have been living for the past  few weeks

Here are a few shot of us on the Little White Salmon.This river is definitely one of my favourites a sick sort classic class 5 the whole way amazing boofs,the Ldub is were it at, love this river!!!!

L Jah getting his free wheel on!!!

Dylan big dog Thomson

Dylan running spirit fall. Dylan sacked up and caught the birthday eddy right above the lip of the falls,he styled the move and had sweet line of Spirit

Photo LJ

Photo LJ

Running Spirit Falls the biggest drop on the run, a nice 30ft boof (photo-LJ)

Durring my time here I was lucky enough to get the chance to climb up Mt Adams near Trout Lake.     I was so stoked on this mission, spent a night up there and snapped some pretty sweet shots.The climb was pretty savage but I managed to summit 12326ft.The skiing down was sweet, good to get back on the skis!

Looking out to Mt St Helen's 8365ft, pretty sweet sunset

Fare view of Mt St Helen's

Looking out to to the pretty sweet sunset that night

The next day, Brendon and Parker preparing for the summit

Looking out to Mt Hood

Epic views from the summit

Stoked to be on the summit of Mt Adams , amazing view up there!!!

Looking out to the mountains on the summit of Adams

Well so stoked that I got the opportunity to Climb up and ski down Adams, thanks Brendon and Parker for the invite and lending me all the gear.

Well stay posted going to head back to BC soon,hopefully everything a bit lower and good to go!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vancouver Island

With everything been rector high around BC,we decided that our best option would be to head to Vancouver Island. I was pretty stoked to head out to the Island and explore the white water what the Island had to offer.Its always sweet going to new places and not knowing what you are in for, all part of the adventure!!! Here is a bunch of pictures from our time on the island enjoy!!!!

Bradley on the first clean 12footer on Pamela Creek,Gold River area

Blair trotman on the same drop.One of my favourite pic from the trip!!

 Jeff same drop,such a sweet boof

Jeff in one of the beautiful gorges the Pamela has to offer

Myself boofing 2nd last drop,another sweet easy boof

Bradlely on the last stout of the run. Nice sticky hole with a good pocket on the left

One of the many Sweet camp spots on the island

Qualicum Falls

Dylan Big Dog Thomson on Qualicum Falls tricky 20footer into a super clean 25ft

Dylan approaching the 25ft sooooo clean sooooo good!!!

Big dog getting his steeze on!!!

Definitely another on of my favourite shot I have taken on this trip.

Bradley on the tricky 20ft

Another sweet boof on the Qualicum River, BROWNING!!!!

On the Ferry on our way back from the Island.A sweet view of Vancouver City

Well I have made it Back to Hood River now stoked to be back here an lapping the Little White most day,pretty sweet life here stoked on it.Stand by for a Little White Slalom Update,stay posted